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Quick response

We have formed a special rapid response team to deal with the consequences of missile attacks.

In case of shelling in Kharkiv, the team deploys to the scene and provides assistance to people in danger, as well as installs temporary window protection structures. The team is actively working to ensure the safety of the local population and minimize the damage from such incidents.

Any donation, any assistance, even small, will be of great significance in helping people affected by enemy attacks.

Alexandra Petrovna
is in dire need of help.

We met Oleksandra Petrivna, who lives in the village of Kulynychi, on January 23, 2023, when we started delivering hot meals. We have been supporting her in the Patronage project all along. But now she really needs our help.

Her house was damaged due to the war. Now there are no windows in the house, in addition, the slate on the roof is broken, which is why the roof leaks. Winter is approaching, and such conditions become extremely difficult for an elderly person.

We are raising funds for a new roof and windows to keep Oleksandra Petrivna warm and dry in the winter. We also need firewood to keep her home warm during the cold weather.

Any donation, any help, even a small one, will make a big difference to this kind woman who has been through a lot in her life. Let's show together that kindness and support are always there for us!

Thank you for your generosity and common cause, which will help to make Alexandra Petrovna's life better. �

Installation of windows

After the extensive shelling on January 23, 2024, in the city of Kharkiv, many people were left without windows at home due to the blast wave.

Our foundation, with the help of our friends, partners, and donations from people, managed to install windows in 12 apartments in the city of Kharkiv.

● - 9/13 Bakulina Street● - 14 Hirshmana Street● - 2 apartments at 17 Hirshmana Street● - 6 Yuvileyna Street● - 15 Kolomenska Street● - 15 Chernyshevska Street● - 9H Akademika Proskury Street● - 5A Akademika Proskury Street● - 5D Akademika Proskury Street● - 11 Metrobudivnykiv Street● - 70B Hvardiytsiv Shyronintsiv Street